Sarah Bear's Day Care ‚Äčfor a truly educating and fun loving experience :) 




The routine and program is based on achieving all learning outcomes and ensuring that milestones and skills are always being further developed throughout each day.

Due to a majority of Muslim enrolments there is an optional 15-20 minute set time for Quran. 

 The World Of Toddlers!

The Toddlers room is a fun filled environment perfect for the play based learning.

This room caters for children 2-3 years and are accompanied by three qualified Educators who work together to make it a warm, loving and nurturing second home for them.

The Toddlers room focuses on building relationships and further developing the language and social skills.

The routine in this room applies set times for learning such as identifying the basics, 123, ABC, colours and shapes as well as times for freedom of choice to explore indoor and outdoor activities.

The room has a number of animals such as Turtles, Fish a Lizard and a snake.

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